We detox ourselves, why not our homes?

The sweet aroma of Spring is upon us!! Flowers are blossoming and birdies are tweeting, meaning brand new life & new beginnings! Out with the old and in with the new, and what better way to embrace it than in your own home!

The blissful abundance of positive energy that comes with decluttering, throwing out and re-organising is worth more than gold! There’s nothing more debilitating (especially to us creatives!) than the stagnant air of hanging onto stuff that no longer serves a purpose…can you tell I’ve just gone through the process myself??

So if you have areas in your home that are pleading for some TLC; if there are toys dotted everywhere and homeless items in random places that you just can’t seem to find the perfect spot for; or your garage is bursting at the seams with ‘stuff’ that is long past its sell-by date…

Take advantage of our Space Whisperer service, and we’ll have you decluttered, feeling fabulous, and inhaling fresh, tranquil air in no time!