Princess Gia’s Paradise

When this beautiful Mama initially got in touch for her girls’ room makeovers, much of our conversation after the word “Vereeniging” was a blur… To say I approached this project with a little reservation would be an understatement; for no other reason than the love-hate relationship I was currently engaged in with my old faithful battle axe (or ‘car’ to the layman) who had been hospitalised numerous times this year already… Fast forward to the night of the final installation when I hit a crater-sized pothole in the dark on a desserted road en-route back to Jozi, writing off my precious Bella once and for all, I’ve learnt that intuition is indeed a powerful tool! (and that an interior design project can end with a new car LOL!)

Minor details aside, these 2 makeovers turned out being 2 of my most favourite to date! Bursting with character and special touches here and there, the initial brief had been simple but very definite: the rooms MUST have the WOW factor! (No pressure…ahem…)

Let’s start with precious little Gia… Her room makeover was a transition from baby to big girl room, although Mom had already bought her a beautiful four poster bed which formed the basis of our design.

The palette started out being defined by a stunning bronze & white geometric wallpaper, with accents of coral, mint and avocado. This soon changed however, when the South African version of bronze, once printed, came out a sludgy brown… The replacement we chose was black & white…a considerably brave jump from bronze one might say… but to this day I believe the glitch happened for a reason – the black & white is drop-dead gorgeous! I think it’s even safe to say the installers were mesmerised LOL!

Contrasting exquisitely against this striking backdrop, is the custom made fantasy canopy in the most stunning shade of coral… This set the scene for a cozy reading nook, where Gia can spend time with her books and dolls, or even some welcome downtime on the custom made mint velvet polka dot floor cushion – perfect for those days when a princess’s schedule is just exhausting…(seems our floor cushions are favoured by fur babies too!)

An existing duck egg blue feature wall was supposed to stay put, but as the installation day progressed, this adventurous Mama needed very little encouragement (ok, none!) to opt for something WOW instead! Introducing the stunning charcoal replacement…whoop whoop, my creative slave was doing a happy dance! A gorgeous framed print made the perfect contrast…

As a designer, I’m all about sussing out the creative potential in an existing piece of furniture where possible, whether it means adding something to it, or even just re-styling it. In the case of this existing bookcase from Treehouse, it meant both! A little bland in its’ whiteness, it needed something to make it pop, so I sourced a beautiful black & white paisley wallpaper to line the back of the shelves. The unit was then completely restyled, a few new treasures introduced, and voila, a boring old piece was given a new lease on life!

Little Miss Gia is a princess through and through, so her new room wouldn’t be complete without a princess dresser! Paired with a Louis Ghost chair, it’s the perfect spot for this little princess to adjust her crown and touch up her lipgloss…

One of the real stunners in the room is the exquisite Swan Princess wall mount; a handmade-with-love bespoke piece cleverly crafted by Gia’s very own Mamabear (to order your own custom Swan Princess or Bella the Unicorn, click here).

A Rose Gold lamp and some gorgeous greenery complimented the mint bedside table beautifully, and accessories such as the coral tassel throw and selection of scatter cushions, dressed the bed to perfection.

What room is complete without some pretty storage baskets, a unicorn garland, and of course a Babe Cave flag (just to make sure the boys know their place!)

A room with the ‘wow factor’ fit for a princess? You bet!