Playroom Goals

When I arrived for this briefing, I must be honest I was a little overwhelmed at the sheer size of the space – all 75m2 of it! The creative part of my brain was in overdrive, mentally calculating how we could section off the space, accommodate all of the requirements, while retaining the spaciousness, introducing a mass of fun elements, AND keeping it uber classy!

Fast forward to the reveal, all of the above boxes ticked, and I’m struggling to contain my excitement! Come along with me on the journey from the initial meeting through to the reveal…


Meeting my new client and discussing the brief was the easy bit…expressing her simple dream for the space, she wanted a playroom that’s fun, functional, soft and beautiful for her two sweet girls to create precious memories in. Most importantly, it needed to be a place the girls WANTED to spend time in, which wasn’t currently the case…

Existing items that needed to remain in the room:

1. the large leather sofa

2. the recently painted mint green wall & white tree decals in the room leading off the playroom

3. newly purchased toddler stools

4. Plastic Container Trolley

4. flat screen TV

Essential Requirements:

1. storage! storage! storage!

2. a place for the girls (and friends on playdays) to paint, draw and create art masterpieces!

3. an inviting space for floor play

4. dress-up area incorporatig the dress rail

5. did I mention storage??

Conceptual Process:


One of the first things that stood out for me, was the wasted space. The sofa that was pushed all the way back against the far wall meant that the ‘PJ Lounge’ section took up half of the entire room!

If we relocated the sofa, the freed-up wall would be absolutely perfect for a huge amount of desperately needed storage!! And speaking of storage, I knew exactly what I wanted to create here…a trendy multi-level unit, incorporating drawers and doors (to conceal the clutter!) and open shelves with a stunning wallpaper backing for treasured pieces to be displayed!


The perfect way to introduce individual areas within one space, is to incorporate rugs which ‘anchor’ each independent space, giving each area its own identity.


The cream walls needed to go…but knowing Mom wasn’t keen on anything dramatic, I knew a beautiful pastel grey was the answer – both trendy and chic!


Because my creative weirdo soul can’t live without a dash of colour, I retained the right to introduce a teeny bit of it on a feature wall (YAY!) Introducing the beautiful blush wall with silver raindrops and rose gold name garlands *heart eyes for days*


What better way to encourage floor play than an absolutely gorgeous Alice In Wonderland style teepee, customised with rose gold poles!! Pair with a rug, a comfy floor cushion and an array of gorgeous novelty scatter cushions (that Miffy Bunny though??), and Mom & Dad are guaranteed of some worthy ‘us time’! Behind this space, we incorporated a chalkboard section, which you can see was a hit before we could even do the photo shoot!


Because the little colour dipped stools were begging to be unwrapped, we designed a coordinating custom made colour dipped Art Table with a chalkboard top that can be used for painting, drawing, chalking and lego building!

I also thought if I could relocate the plastic container trolley (and hopefully find containers in our chosen palette!) to this area, it would be the perfect storage system for all the art bits and pieces.


Moving on to the extension which was currently being used as a storage room, my inner child had fairytale dreams for this space *insert heart eyes again* To soften the mint green wall, we painted the adjacent wall Baby Blush, and designed a Unicorn Fantasy Canopy in exquisite shades of fuchsia, aqua and violet, which would be used as both a reading nook and dress-up fantasy tent. The floorstanding Swan Bookcase was the perfect spot to house all the books, and accessible by both girls to encourage reading time. Still to be added in the future is a wall mounted mirror for the girls to admire their exquisite collection of ballgowns!

May we take this opportunity to introduce Twinkle, the exquisite sparkling unicorn taking pride of place amongst the trees with Mr Bunny! One can only imagine what these fairytale beauties get up to after dark!


A custom designed dreamcatcher in rose gold and adorned with exquisite blush, white and silver ribbons; the cutest little whimsical bunnies; an assortment of daisies finished in rose gold, white and grey; exquisite imported art prints, and personalised timber bead name garlands complete the transformation!

Special thanks to my client for entrusting me with my vision for the space; this project was a dream to undertake xoxo