Oh the places you’ll go…

Designing a playroom that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, when the room is linked to a stunning indoor entertainment area on one side and open plan kitchen on the other, can be a little daunting if you don’t play your cards right…

Presented with a beige 3x3m2 room taken up largely by a custom made l-shaped storage bench/daybed and an existing tv unit that the couple had had custom made but really disliked, I had to think a little out of the box in terms of how to convert this space into something 2 little boys would not only love and find user friendly and functional, but one that Mom and Dad would also find aesthetically pleasing and not an imposition on their entertainment area.

First stop was the tv unit. Since the size of the unit wasn’t quite in proportion with the wall it stood against, and painted in white with beige enhancements, it really stood out which resulted in the wall space being ‘cut in half’. I had already chosen the new contemporary light grey wall colour, and decided to give the unit a makeover with the same colour, with the intention that it would blend into the wall as opposed to creating a contrast. This would make the room feel more spacious as well as contemporary.

Then, to make the unit more functional, I installed book ledges to accommodate the boys books, as well as to make the unit less of a distinctive tv space and more of a functional wall unit for toy storage, books and tv games. We followed through on the functional aspect of this wall, with a creative house shaped wall mounted chalkboard.

Next we brought in some trendy mobile toy storage in the form of canvas and wicker baskets, and painted the existing play table with a chalkboard top for dual purpose.

To add character to the barren walls, we purchased custom prints which we framed, and then decorated the adjacent wall with the cutest jet plane decals, flowing across two walls for continuity – an extremely cost effective but stunning alternative to rather costly wallpaper. The happy little jets really transformed the space and have the added bonus of being removable when the boys are older and ready for something more mature…

The daybed/storage bench really needed a pop of colour too, so we introduced additional scatter cushions in pops of red, lime and navy for a stunning contrast. These accent colours were highlighted again in the cheerful bunting that we had custom made for the space to replace the heavy grey curtains (which were better utilised in Blake’s new big boy bedroom), as well as in the ‘PLAY’ plaque that we mounted on an unused bit of wall as one enters the room.

The final (but very important) touch was the personalised art wall mount, where little Blake (and later on his baby brother) could proudly display their prized artwork. A quirky Africa rug
completed the fun but classic playroom look.

Be sure to check out our next blogpost for Blake’s big boy bedroom makeover!