Welcome to Cait’s Room,

where beautiful interiors, poetry and grapes make the ultimate trio…

Hi there, thanks for stopping by! I’m Louise, but most people call me Lou. Actually, these days most people call me Cait…but that’s my firstborn – Caitlyn – who decided a few years ago that the ‘lyn’ bit is “gross” hence the evolution of just ‘Cait’ – the joys of teenagers *sigh*

Proud mama to Cait and her not-so-baby-sis Kristyn-Lee [and let’s not forget two incredibly gorgeous nearly-human fur babies]…this crazy, fiery duo with their incredible senses of humour, keep me belly laughing when I need it most [small print: they are also the reason for my moonlighting job as a wine conoisseur]

Creator of contemporary interiors with an air of understated elegance, a lot of love and a whole lotta soul… I met this designer ‘soulmate’ of mine quite by chance when, pregnant with Cait(lyn) in 1999, I found myself scouting the very limited South African market for the perfect pieces for her nursery…

Those closest to me will tell you I have the biggest heart for children, with some of my most memorable projects to date being the creation of safe, tranquil sanctuaries for special needs angels.

A home should tell a story, a reflection of the hearts that dwell there, whilst at the same time offering a welcome retreat from the chaos of the world. It’s a collection of tales… celebrations and losses, joys and heartache…

A bit more about me…

Lover of all things Italian [read: liquid grapes at sunset on the rolling hills of Tuscany]

Passionate about changing lives and causing smiles.

Fierce protector of ethics.

Writer and dreamer.

Did I mention liquid grape lover?

I’m so looking forward to creating beautiful spaces with you xoxo